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AM General Hummer H1: the Rebirth of the Military Beast

If there is any car that represents ostentation to the max and little or no respect for the environment, that is the Hummer H1. Of military origin, moving it to the civilian sphere gave the wealthy the opportunity to drive a real tank on the street, at least until the company closed in 2010. But, for lovers of the model, there is hope and it is called AM General Hummer H1 .

It's the handiwork of Mil-Spec Automotive, a specialist vehicle restoration and upgrading company that has seen its opportunity in the fact that the US military is dumping its military-spec H1 units. Upgrade with the Hummer h2 led headlights, they fit for Hummer h1 as well. If the civilian variant of the model was already uncomfortable and lacking in glamor inside, the military version was even more Spartan, but in the hands of the appropriate trainer it can become a real gold mine.

Starting from the army Hummer H1, MSA completely disassembled the car and carried out an intensive restoration of both the bodywork and the chassis, both elements that ultimately are the only ones that remain from the mammoth 4x4. Of course, although the first unit they have prepared looks like a four-door pick-up, they offer four other types of designs to their customers.

The interior is not that it is a prodigy, but within its cleanliness it has leather upholstery, a three-spoke aluminum steering wheel, an analog instrument panel and a small screen that acts as a center console.

The mechanical section of the AM General Hummer H1 is one of its most outstanding points since, having learned from the complaints about low power of the original Hummer, they have chosen to mount a 6.6 V8 Duramax engine prepared to develop 500 CV of power and 1,355 Nm of maximum torque, enough to exceed 150 km/h at the top. To this must be added multiple options for both brakes and suspensions, passing through numerous extras such as winches, auxiliary lights and others, which enhance its versatility.

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