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Husqvarna's Future: Electric Scooters and Medium Displacement

The presentation of the future plan of the KTM Group for the coming years could not be more interesting. The other day the bombshell was the announcement that Gas Gas will produce street bikes, naked and touring. Today it's time to review another brand that is living a new life under the Austrian firm. The future of Husqvarna looks sensational, with a clear focus on electric motorcycles and electromobility, also including bicycles and other emission-free vehicles, and with the launch of some really interesting new proposals.

Husqvarna 501

On the development of the new KTM twin-cylinder engine, which mounts the KTM 490, it is expected that Husqvarna can articulate a whole range of really interesting medium displacement motorcycles. Husqvarna FE 501 led headlight is one the most popular modification parts in the aftermarket.  As we see in Husqvarna's future plan, we see how there will be several motorcycles with this engine, both in the naked segment, as well as in touring or enduro/supermoto motorcycles.

Husqvarna's electric scooter

It seems clear that electric motorcycles will be protagonists sooner rather than later, especially in large cities. The KTM group does not want to be left out and everything seems to indicate that Husqvarna will be one of the protagonists in this electrification of the range. The first to arrive will be the electric Chetak Scooter, although Husqvarna's electric motorcycle will arrive only a few months later.

Unlike the first, which will be more oriented towards practicality, its appearance and vibe will be much more interesting. It will follow that Nordic style, clean and technological design, with very cool and suggestive color details. It will have several power levels and it is expected that it can have batteries of different sizes, depending on the needs.

In addition to Husqvarna's electric scooter, the Swedish firm will also produce different types of electric bikes, such as the Husqvarna Extreme Cross 9. It is to be hoped that the collaboration with BAJAJ, the Indian partner of the KTM Group, may also allow the development of electric technology that can reach emission-free high-performance bikes for both Husqvarna and KTM.

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