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Kenworth T800 trucker Style of Daily Life

Of course, it is evident as soon as you enter this place that the carrier is well received and everything possible has been done to make you feel at home. “Many of our clients - Santiago tells us - are from the industrial estate itself, workers, but here we are at the foot of the national highway, also next to the ITV and in this same industrial estate there are 8 transport companies as well as several workshops dedicated to the vehicle. heavy. So we decorated the dining room with very Kenworth T800 truck-like details ”.

Well, the truth is that the details include everything from models of all kinds of Kenworth T800 trucks, to spectacular wood carvings of two Kenworth K100s that look great on the wall, to Kenworth T800 truck racing posters ... Some trucks upgrade with the Kenworth t800 led headlights if the stock lights are not bright enough. However, the great “detail ”The Kenworth T800 truck driver who is making the place famous is parked on the street.

“The truth is that having one of these Kenworth T800 trucks was always a dream for me. A lifelong wish. One year we went to Jarama to see the races and there I spoke with some of the participants in the Kenworth T800 truck parade with their American tractors. I cheered up and here it is. It's a great Kenworth T800 truck. Authentic, he worked for years on the routes of the United States and now when they ask me I tell them that this Peterbilt came to Spain to enjoy retirement. Now his daily route is the seven kilometers from my house to the restaurant. I enjoy it like that. I go from home to work and sometimes to shop at the supermarket when I return in the afternoon. And yes, for Kenworth T800 truckers it is like a magnet. Since I left him standing at the door of the bar, many have come to see him. People passing by and then you see them go around the roundabout and pause while looking at the Peterbilt and taking pictures of it. "

And of course, some will even have a coffee even to try to find out more about that spectacular tractor that is parked there ... It is clear that if the Americans invented marketing, in Alcañiz they have good students, who have also known converting a tractor into a promotional item, in order to enjoy driving a machine like this. 

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