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Pathkiller a Cherokee-looking Wrangler

Ester Jeep Wrangler baptized as Pathkiller is one of the craziest preparations we have come across. It sports a Jeep Cherokee look, an aesthetic that they have achieved through extensive body modification.

The Jeep Wrangler is chosen by the preparers to present their new works regularly. The well-known off-road of the American brand has undergone a good number of modifications with this very characteristic base. Although we have seen many examples, but none like the one baptized as Pathkiller, a Jeep Wrangler that maintains its capabilities but presents an image similar to that of its brother the Cherokee. There are 6 inch round led offroad lights for installing to improve the driving views at night.

The preparation has not been easy at all, as they have had to modify, among other things, the windshield in order to adapt it to the new aesthetics. In the same way, it has new fenders, modified bumpers and, how could it be otherwise, the front grill and the headlights that are elements that bring the Cherokee directly to mind. Everything to change the aesthetics of the model.

Below we leave you a video with which you can get to know the Pathkiller up close. Among other information detailed in the video, we can find out about the mechanical section. This model has a powerful 325 horsepower engine and 406 Nm of torque.

As you know the Jeep Wrangler expects a new generation in a few months. The model of the American house is under development. We know that the brand, despite presenting a generation with profound changes, will not tweak the aesthetics too much, finding a Wrangler with the same square shapes that have made the model so famous. Of course, the body will have new materials that will significantly reduce the total weight of the vehicle. As for the mechanical range, new more efficient engines are expected for the American with which it will adapt to current regulations.

Now, we leave you the video in which you can meet the Pathkiller. If you've always liked Jeep, don't miss it.

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