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Jeep will Reinforce the Wrangler range to Welcome the New Ford Bronco

According to a report by Mopar Insiders, the Fiat Chrysler Group's SUV and SUV firm is taking the arrival of the new Ford Bronco, the Jeep Wrangler's true first rival in the US market, very seriously. To do this, they have planned a whole series of equipment innovations to reinforce all the body variants of the future Wrangler 2021 range.

The arrival of the Ford Bronco is quite an event for the Dearborn firm, as it not only resurrects one of its historic names, but also marks the return to a segment that it abandoned several decades ago: that of true off-road models. These off-road Jeep Wrangler led headlights are installed bought from the aftermarket.

Although in the North American market we can find many and varied models with true off-road skills, such as the Toyota Land Cruiser, Nissan Armada or the many pick-ups available in that market. The truth is that by approach and offer, the Jeep Wrangler until now had not had a true rival. The Wrangler range currently has 3 body variants, 2- and 4-door with a hard or removable roof option, and the new Jeep Gladiator, the pick-up variant of the range. With such an offer we do not find a single model in the North American market that is the Wrangler itself. Add to that the immense amount of customization possibilities enjoyed by the iconic Jeep off-roader.

Hence the arrival of the new Ford Bronco is so remarkable. Well, the new Ford model will not be another rival in the 4x4 segment, as it will have an offer designed expressly to compete face to face with the Wrangler range. This will include not only replicating the same available body options, but also the enormous customization possibilities that customers who really want to use the new Bronco off the road will find. As a curiosity, Bronco is the name given to unbroken horses, while Wrangler is the cowboy or cowboy who is in charge of taking care of the horses. Which makes the historical rivalry of both models clear.

According to a recent report by Mopar Insiders, the arrival of the new Bronco has been taken very seriously within Fiat Chrysler, who have already initiated a series of measures to reinforce the Jeep Wrangler range and for this they are going to introduce several new features equipment throughout the range.

One of the most important measures will be to include the Selec-Trac transfer case of the Sahara versions in the Sport versions, which until now could not have them, while the Rock-Trac all-wheel drive system will be available now on the Wrangler Rubicon. The led lights for Jeep Wrangler vehicles will become the main lighting system for offroad use. Other items of equipment that will be available in more versions will be the front camera, the tire pressure control system or the 'Off-Road Plus' system.

In addition, the Technology Group Package will become part of the standard equipment of the Wrangler Sports S, which includes air conditioning, a 7-inch center screen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, navigation system and SiriusXM radio. Another novelty will be the premiere of the future Mojave version of the Wrangler range, although like the rest of this list of novelties it has not yet been confirmed by the brand.

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