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Jeep, the Veteran of Cars

Over the years, Jeep has become an iconic vehicle for its incredible feats and classic seven stripe grille. His fame has brought him to the big screen on several occasions.

In his film roles, he could not miss his appearance as a sergeant in cars. This 4x4 Jeep lives in Radiator Springs, a small town on Route 66, USA. There he owns a military supply store where he sells a survival kit for La Ruta Madre (as the 66 is called). He says this kit will help every car cope with a nighttime breakdown and maybe even survive the war.

However, this old off-road Jeep wasn't always about running a business, it also achieved incredible feats during the war.

Sergeant is a 1941 Willys MB Jeep, a very popular vehicle during WWII. As a proud veteran, Sergeant has several stories from his days in combat: Once, in the Battle of the Moguls, he had to tow his friend, a tank, after losing track. Thanks to this feat, he won the Medal of Bravery. Jeep wrangler led headlights improved in each generations Jeep vehicles.

Maybe after reading this you think it is a little whimsical, but believe it or not, Jeep 4x4s performed many crucial functions in combat and there was even one that was decorated with a medal!

The loyal old man, as he was known, served four naval generals during the Guadalcanal campaign. After 18 months of service and more than eleven thousand kilometers traveled, he was wounded in combat by enemy bullets.

After being injured, this off-road Jeep was decommissioned and awarded the Purple Heart, becoming the first and only vehicle to receive this medal.

Sargento honors its strong Jeep origin: vehicles that will always be remembered for their great adaptability and ability to hit any terrain.

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